Getting Married in Singapore

Known as a central hub for modern Asian finance and industry, Singapore is culturally rich and diverse. The island’s exotic mix of Chinese, Indian and Malay ethnicities and British colonial influences make for a fascinating destination.

In the middle of it all, in a modern 20-story building along picturesque Orchard Boulevard, is Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, an oasis for discerning visitors. As you enter the Hotel, you’re greeted by Vitality, a sensuous bronze sculpture that is meant to purify and filter out worries.

Wedding and honeymoon couples can enjoy the adults-only Couples’ Floor of the Hotel, where rooms feature fruit and chocolate, massage oil and a selection of romantic poems, CDs and DVDs.

Weddings at a Glance

  • Venues: 10
  • Banquet capacity: 12 to 470
  • Guest rooms and suites: 255
  • A Bespoke Romance Menu of enhanced experiences is available to cater to any taste.
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