St Louis Engagement & Wedding
Kelly and Amit pose happily on their wedding day, November 19, 2011.
Photography Greg Lappin Photography

When Kelly Hummert and Amit Dhawan met in St. Louis in 2009, it was merely to discuss potential business opportunities. Amit and then-New York City resident Kelly were discussing ideas for a new nightclub in the Midwest.

Business conversation quickly turned to casual chatter, but the arrival of a certain celebrity (George Clooney!) to the event Amit was hosting, derailed the evening. Even though they kept in touch, it wasn’t until two years later, when Kelly relocated to St. Louis, that the pair reconnected and began dating.

On their first date Amit and Kelly visited the Sky Terrace at Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis, which would eventually become the site for yet another significant moment for the couple.

Months later, seated at the exact same table they occupied during their first visit to the Sky Terrace, Amit surprised Kelly—and a night on the town became much more.

“Our waitress came over carrying a tray of Sonic slushes (my favourite) and the ring box. Amit got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, to which I replied, ‘Okay, definitely,’” said Kelly.

The couple then headed to a local restaurant where family and friends—including those whom Amit had flown in from New York and Los Angeles—were waiting to celebrate.

Amit and Kelly were married on November 19, 2011 in two ceremonies, one Catholic and one Hindu, followed by a reception at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis.


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