Wedding Inspiration - Painted Wedding Portraits
The charm of Adrienne and Nathan's wedding shines through in this Jane Radstrom painting.
Photography courtesy Jane Radstrom

Brides seeking a novel keepsake of their big day are commissioning artists to paint their weddings. Like many couples who opt for live-painted portraits, Adrienne and Nathan now have a remarkable piece of art that uniquely captures their wedding day. Four Seasons Hotel Austin Social Catering Manager Meredith Hill added that the wedding guests truly enjoyed watching Jane Radstrom complete this masterpiece during the reception.

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4 Comments about Sitting Pretty with Painted Wedding Portraits

  1. This live wedding portrait turned out lovely! Congrats to the couple!

    Arlissa Vaughn
    Live Wedding Painter

  2. Artist says:

    Do you know how much he charges for a painting? I would like to commission someone

  3. Amanda Eyer says:

    Yes, we’ve been raving over the painted portrait for days! I bet it was even prettier in person.

  4. Christye forbis says:

    My daughter Adrienne had a great wedding brunch July 7 th ,2012 at the Austin Four Seasons

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