Engagement Story - Scottsdale Engagement
The newlywed Mr. and Mrs. Luoma kiss on the day of their March 2006 Scottsdale nuptials.
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With the Sonoran Desert as a backdrop, Eric Luoma got down on bended knee and proposed to Tatum Ostaff—shocking her so much she forgot to answer. After he asked twice more, Tatum finally remembered to say yes, and Eric presented her with his mother’s 45-year-old engagement ring.

Seven years later, Tatum and Eric are now happily married and have two beautiful sons. The Scottsdale couple regularly visits the place where it all started in September 2005—Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North.

“Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale was the setting of a 
new chapter in our lives together and has continued to set the scene for
 many romantic and memorable moments,” says Tatum.

The couple spent their wedding night here, and have been back several times since to enjoy a weekend getaway—even though the Resort is just minutes from their home.

The place that holds special memories of a romantic evening also serves as the Luoma family’s go-to for special occasions, like Eric’s birthday.

“A romantic celestial picnic complete with a
 gourmet basket, Arizona wine and stargazing brings me back to the moment
 when I said yes,” says Tatum.

The couple often reminiscences over the time when Tatum was so happy she almost forgot to say yes.


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