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The Nendoo collection by Rosenthal represents a new type of tabletop architecture. Its neat surface structures and practical functionalities are perfectly suited to modern dining habits and turn the dining table into a stage.
Photography courtesy Rosenthal
For 150 years, Sambonet’s products have been defined by top-quality materials and attention to detail. This classic flatware pattern pairs beautifully with traditional china patterns.
Photography courtesy Rosenthal
Light, luxurious, expressive . . . the Versace Arabesque line by Rosenthal represents a new opulence in which formal details such as a single-pull stem and classic Baroque pattern speak the inimitable language of Versace!
Photography courtesy Rosenthal
The sleek modern lines present in this wildly popular flatware pattern are classic marks of the Italian brand Sambonet. The Imagine line of flatware is available in silver-plated nickel-silver, silver-plated 18/10 stainless, and all 18/10 stainless steel.
Photography courtesy Rosenthal
Based on a print from the Versace fashion house’s archives, this exuberant collection springs from the union of Rosenthal bone china and luxurious Versace patterns. The hand-painted florals mingle with 24-carat gold highlights and classic Baroque designs to create the ultimate in formal tea service.
Photography courtesy Rosenthal
Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus School, has brought the designs and maxims of classical modern architecture to the tabletop. A tall, elegant glass with a single-pull stem design, the TAC 02 delivers a modern presentation of traditional wine service.
Photography courtesy Rosenthal

Selecting dinnerware, including your stemware and silverware, can be daunting. Should you mix and match? Bone china or earthenware? Modern or trendy? And how do you choose a set that fits you—one that you’ll still love decades from now?

Meet John Flynn. As Director of Stewarding at Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore, he has guided many couples to their perfect dinnerware. Flynn meets with couples to understand not only their aesthetic tastes but also their lifestyle, entertainment and maintenance preferences. He then navigates couples through the maze of china, glass and silver patterns to the selections that he believes will be a perfect fit. For your browsing pleasure, Flynn has shared a few pieces from the celebrated Rosenthal catalogue that are all the rage in discerning wedding registries.

Those of you in the Baltimore area can stop by the Engaged! bridal event on March 9 at Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore for a personal consultation with Flynn. We guarantee that your cup, in whatever stemware you choose, will runneth over with wedding inspiration.

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