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“No one blooms like Jeff Leatham at Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris. His latest floral display had over 7,000 flowers!”—@CatherineCardo1
Photography courtesy Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
“Wearable florals are definitely our favourite. We adore these flower head crowns.” —@SavvyBrydeGuru
Photography courtesy Savvy Soirées
“The Great Gatsby inspired wedding cake that I made for Kate Moss!”—@peggyporschen
Photography courtesy Vogue

Whether you couldn’t make our #LuxBride Trend Chat on May 7 or just want a summary of all the fabulous tips for finding and perfecting your wedding style, we’ve captured the best advice right here. Enjoy!

What’s your favourite wedding trend of 2013?

We’re loving that ‘back to basics’ trend http://t.co/4daGK5MOAm we’ve seen in bridal fashion – long live the classics!

Loving the trend of the 20s and 30s that’s dominating 2013 so far. One of my favourite periods of fashion ever!

Brides choosing ‘Field of Flames’ with fireworks; a carpet of tealights

Backdrops are lots of fun for the guests.

Vintage remains a big #wedding theme this year, but with a focus on Art Deco and Gatsby glam.

Every #LuxBride has found “the one”—now for the dress! How do you embrace trends while staying true to your style?

Just like “the one,” you should always follow your heart when picking out a dress.

It’s great to be able to see as many as possible—even designs you’d never think of could really suit you.

Don’t worry about making your dress cool, make it right for you and your wedding.

We’re also a big believer in comfort . . . your dress shouldn’t slip, tug or smoosh you (too much) . . . just makes you selfconscious.

Add pops of trendy designs and colours with classic silhouettes. As long as you’re comfortable in your dress, you’ll look radiant!

Know what looks best on you and what makes you comfortable. You want to look back at your wedding photos down the road and still love it!

From stripes to chevron, patterns can really add personality. How can #LuxBrides play with prints without going too far?

Patterns are brilliant, but best kept to a minimum. Use to highlight design, not drown out details.

Being subtle. Use prints in finishing touches, keep the rest simple. Textures are also important.

Oscar De La Renta used brocaded fabrics that simulate a print.

Textured textiles are a great way to play with patterns (think stationery and linens).

A tone-on-tone print or pattern can add depth and texture without being distracting.

Use pattern at key focal points for pop—like the escort card table, sweets display and photo booth backdrop.

What’s the one wedding trend that will never go out of style?

I love all of the enthusiasm for classic not trendy bridal fashion . . . timelessness is the key!

Customized cocktails!

The most important thing is you! Be comfortable in your dress, no matter the trends.

We think a veil is always a must to complete your wedding day look.

It has to be the colour white! There’s something so simple and elegant about a white wedding.

Fabulous wedding shoes!

What are the most current wedding colour choices?

We’re loving dove grey, emerald green and dazzling silver. Not necessarily together, mind you . . .

We’ve seen a lot of Seafoam—works well with grey.

I have seen a lot of pastels this season. I featured shades of pink in my Spring 2014 Collection.

We’re doing shades of the ocean for our wedding colours at @FSNevis in October.

Emerald definitely! The colour of the year . . . Perfect for a 1920s or Great Gatsby feel.

The colours we’re seeing in Austin right now are metallics with black, white and peach. Very chic!

We are seeing a lot of corals, pinks and pastels this spring!

We are loving the rose golds!

I’m seeing a lot of Peach and Seafoam from our summer brides.

Blush is still a very wanted colour, along with dark purple and silver.

Our latest favourites are pale blush pink, rose gold and dark charcoal.

Pastel colours in spring, strong hues for summer, warm tones in autumn and cool sultry tones for winter!

I’m seeing a lot of mint these days. Blush is still popular.

Oscar showed candy pink and baby blue as well!

What are the up-and-coming ‘it’ flower arrangements?

For a wedding with little guests, replace their flower settings with a bouquet of candy!

We are always partial to orchids! Clean, simple and chic.

No one blooms like @jeffleatham. His latest floral display had over 7,000 flowers!

Wearable florals are definitely our favourite. We adore these flower head crowns.

Name the yummiest new wedding cake alternative.

We love the Baltimore Bar @FSBaltimore!

Pick sweets that are nostalgic to the bride and groom’s childhood . . . milk and cookies, Pop Rocks and even sophisticated Jell-O shots!

Another favourite this summer is macaron pops!

For a fun summer treat, I like the idea of brightly coloured popsicles.

Here is a marshmallow cake that we recently created for a hipster bride!

We also love multiple smaller cakes with coordinating patterns and colours.

Dispense with the cake? Never! It’s a statement centrepiece that guests love to look at as well as eat!

I love mini cakes! They make fabulous favours when individually boxed too!

An array of yummy desserts is a huge hit, from mini pies to macaroons!

We’ve been doing cookie cards for years with @acakedream.

I love the @FSLasVegas donut station. Macarons are still really popular. Milk shooters and mini cookies. Mini individual cakes.

Here is the Great Gatsby-inspired wedding cake that I made for Kate Moss! Image from US Vogue.

Great Wedding Cake Rebellion by @GourmetRambler. Other? #doughnuts #pies #tarts #sushi #meatloaf #cheese

What are the most romantic and unique honeymoon experiences? 

Nothing beats the scenery at these top honeymoon destinations.

Any of these romantic getaways would make for the perfect honeymoon!

Gotta be @FSBoraBora! Although brides, we’re happy to welcome you to Austin for a mini-moon! :)

Anywhere your smart phone doesn’t work so you can just focus on each other!

How’s this for unique? A Four Seasons Around the World by Private Jet Honeymoon.

Great tips, if we do say so ourselves. Stay tuned for more daily wedding inspiration by following us on Twitter and Pinterest. Speaking of Pinterest, you could win a USD 1,000 Four Seasons Gift Card by entering the Pin Your Wedding Colour Palette Contest by June 11, 2013. Happy pinning! 

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