Four Seasons Weddings LuxGraph

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts set out to find out how weddings around the world are coming to life, the responses from properties flooded in with stories of unique celebrations and generous displays of affection. From meal choices to preferred wines—this global snapshot of insights is revealed in the new Four Seasons Wedding LuxGraph—a data visualisation showcasing Luxury Wedding Trends. Click here to download the Four Seasons Weddings LuxGraph.

To embed the LuxGraph in your site, copy the code below:

<a href="" title="Four Seasons Weddings LuxGraph"><img src="" height="2250" width="760" alt="Four Seasons Weddings LuxGraph" /></a>


2 Comments about Introducing Four Seasons Weddings LuxGraph

  1. Do you have a picture of that penguin -we’d love to show it to our readers. Nobody does luxurious weddings like Four Seasons!

  2. That is one crazy amount of flowers. Love this!

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