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Whether you’re planning a rustic wedding in the mountains or in a hotel ballroom, Rustic Wedding Chic offers brides creative ideas.
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Create a ceremony focal point where the two of you will stand. Here, a wood arbour with hanging flowers and greenery is placed over an antique table with moss as well as white and blue blooms.
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Renting props can be an easy way to add to your wedding’s theme, as well as make a great addition to your wedding photos. Vintage bicycles, typewriters or period furniture can all be rented.
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Tables with branches and white and green centrepieces are arranged around the room at this garden wedding reception.
Photography courtesy Rustic Wedding Chic
An old-fashioned wagon acts as a drink station.
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Instead of collecting wedding cards or guestbook wishes in a box or a birdcage, take out one of Grandma’s old suitcases and decorate it with fabric banners and doilies to give it a vintage feel.
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A piece of twine ensures the wedding menu, dinner napkin and utensils stay in place.
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If you’re expecting chilly weather, offer guests cosy blankets to keep them warm.
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This “Just Married” burlap sign decorates the newlyweds’ reception table.
Photography courtesy Rustic Wedding Chic
Wedding signage is a great way to both personalise your wedding and direct your guests. For this outdoor rustic wedding, wooden signs point guests to the ceremony.
Photography courtesy Rustic Wedding Chic

While a rustic-themed wedding conjures visions of a farm, barn or camp setting, with the right details—such as Mason jars, bark and a pair of fabulous cowboy boots to wear with your dress—a rustic wedding can be had almost anywhere. Maggie Lord, author of the popular Rustic Wedding Chic blog and Rustic Wedding Chic book tells us how a bride and groom can turn any wedding venue into a rustic setting. Follow her tips for the inspiration to bring your wedding to life.

What is a rustic wedding?
A rustic wedding can mean so many things and that’s why a lot of couples are drawn to this particular style. Rustic is an umbrella term, which can mean anything from a country or garden backdrop to a barn, farm or vintage-style setting. Today’s brides are taking the rustic flair and making it elegant, chic and reflective of their personal style.

When you think of a rustic wedding, a barn and farm come to mind, but are there other places you can have one?
A rustic wedding can take on so many shapes. Couples can plan a rustic wedding in the mountains or at a vineyard, but also at a family summer home or even a seaside venue. I’ve seen rustic weddings in an urban New York City loft, a national park, grand historic resorts, as well as more traditional farm settings.

What are the essential rustic wedding details?
There are no hard and fast rules about what should or should not be included in a rustic wedding—the possibilities are endless. To bring rustic style into the wedding day, couples could include items that reflect the wedding’s location and incorporate pieces such as pine cones, Mason jars and mismatched vases. Wedding favours like honey, jam, granola and hot chocolate mix are all great ways to rustically thank your guests for coming.

If you are having your wedding or reception indoors, can you make the space look rustic?
A rustic wedding lends itself to both outdoor and indoor receptions. One of the best ways to make an indoor ceremony or reception rustic is to bring nature indoors. Birch bark, leaves and greenery are all great options—and when you mix them with evergreen garlands and burlap tablecloths you get an instant rustic feeling. I have seen some of the most traditional locations turned into perfect rustic wedding spaces—with a little imagination!

What should couples keep in mind when planning an outdoor wedding with a rustic feel?
Use the natural beauty of the location by letting your wedding décor complement that beauty instead of fighting it. Many times I see couples who want to add so much to a wedding venue when they should be taking cues from the surroundings and letting the area dictate details such as the wedding’s date, colours and attire.

In addition to your beautiful book, what are some other resources brides can turn to for rustic ideas?
I feature a lot of wedding ideas, products and advice for planning a rustic wedding on Rustic Wedding Chic. We have everything from wedding venues and gowns to floral décor and place setting ideas. Every idea we’ve ever blogged about, plus other finds, can also be found on the Rustic Wedding Chic Pinterest page. For products, I always suggest Whispering Pines Catalogue because they offer a wonderful rustic wedding selection for favours and décor, and brides can find great handmade wedding items on Etsy.

Editor’s Note:
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