Garden Wedding Ceremony, Four Seasons Hotel Florence
Have your wedding look as good as this Florence garden celebration with inspiration from European wedding experts below.
Photography Barbra Kraft/Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

For those who missed our European #LuxBride chat, fret no longer—we took notes. Prepare to be showered with wedding and honeymoon inspiration from leading wedding experts and brides-to-be. We hunted through over 650 tweets from over 157 participants during the chat to bring you the very best highlights. Enjoy!

How do you start planning the perfect wedding or honeymoon?

We firmly believe in scrapbooks. Gather inspiration and you will find exactly the theme, colour scheme and style you really want.

Pinterest! Create your own inspiration/mood boards and it will all become clear!

The perfect wedding starts with the perfect planning, book an appointment with our experts at The Gift Bureau @Harrods.

We think the perfect planning starts with the perfect destination, then the perfect Wedding Coordinator.

You have to express yourself so we get to know you and customize the perfect day for you!

Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding dress. Any shopping tips for brides-to-be?

Bring a couple of people you regularly enjoy clothes shopping with (your Mom, sister, close friend).

Depends on the dress & location, but understated style can make the biggest impact.

Our Fashion Editors suggest having an idea in mind as to what you want and what cuts best frame and shape your body.

Simple dresses with movement work well on the beach. Movement is captured in the photos. Detail is lost in bright light.

Lots of my couples like to not see their partner till they walk down the aisle. More romantic.

To theme or not to theme? What are the most popular wedding themes you have seen?

Love personal themes, like tables named after years in the couple’s lives with pics of how they looked then. Like this themed wedding table.

Vintage rocks. Here @FSLondon you have all the history you could ever want to draw from.  Just no ’80s.

Remember subtle accents of the English countryside —a nod to the Royal wedding is also very popular.

Food glorious food. What hot new food trends are you noticing?

We are seeing more creative canapés—served on edible spoons and fun displays.

“Farm to table” food and restaurant-style menus (ordering meal at event vs. in advance) are hot food trends.

A little something to munch on at midnight.

Personalised sweets as wedding favours are also proving to be popular. We highly suggest our @PapabubbleUK candy store.

@FSFlorence Love that! ’70s style ice cream trolley in Florence.

What’s the most exciting and grand entrance you’ve seen? 

How about a traditional London bus for guests out in the Hampshire countryside?

Reindeer sleigh in Lapland, elephant in Thailand, dugout canoe covered in flowers in Tahiti

Dance routine into the church then down the aisle!

What are your favourite cake trends?

Mix sweet and savoury. We love layered—pile the cupcakes high. Adorn with the juiciest grapes, cheese and crackers.

My brides are asking for different flavour fillings for each tier of their wedding cake—that way everyone is happy!

Don’t mix; individualize! Three different cakes makes the crowd happy.

We hope you find these tips useful and they give you some unique inspiration. Keep following @FSBridal on Twitter for more advice and ideas and don’t forget the Four Seasons Bridal Pinterest boards to help with the planning.

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    With due respect to your article regarding where to find the best gelato in Florence, after sampling the two referred there , we found the best to be Perche NO? Its a family owned business, that makes fresh daily falvors such as Lavendar, Marscapone, and Rose in addition to the regular flavors found everywhere.

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