Wedding Ideas - Custom Wedding Favors from Grooms
Put your groom’s talents to good use. This groom’s homemade brew made a unique and thoughtful wedding favour.
Photography courtesy Arizona Weddings Magazine

Wondering how to get your groom involved in your wedding planning? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a step-by-step, top-secret plan for you and your groom!

Secret One: Stop, drop and get away.

Take a two-day hiatus from wedding planning—preferably over a weekend. No mentions. No questions. No planning. If it’s possible, plan a weekend away to spend time with your future husband . . . perhaps a pre-honeymoon in one of these lovely tropical destinations. At the end of the getaway, ask your husband the following questions:

  1. How does he picture his wedding?
  2. What has he liked about other weddings he has attended?
  3. What are three things that are important to him for his wedding day?

Then listen. Don’t talk. Don’t give feedback. Just listen. Write down his responses and end the conversation. For the time being, the wedding planning discussions are over . . . enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Secret Two: Create a shared vision.

No one knows your guy better than you. Use this knowledge, along with his responses to your wedding questions, to plan a wedding that celebrates you individually and as a couple. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Got a guy who loves skateboarding? Use a skateboard as a guest book. All of your guests can sign the board, which you can then display at home. You’ll have a wedding-day reminder that’s visible all the time, unlike a traditional guestbook, which might just sit on a shelf.
  2. Does your groom make homemade beer? Ask your honey to make a batch as wedding favours for your guests!
  3. What’s his favourite drink or food? Work with your wedding venue to incorporate it into your big day. Not big drinkers? Create an Arnold Palmer bar where your guests can create their perfect mocktail blend! In addition to the usual tea and lemonade, consider offering other fruit juices, sparkling waters, and garnishes such as strawberries, mint and lime.

Secret Three: Delegate!

Based on what’s important to your groom, delegate a task and trust him to complete it. It’s his wedding too, so let him own it. Top areas that brides delegate to their grooms:

  1. Music/Entertainment
  2. Bar
  3. Activities such as photo booths and wedding flipbooks
  4. Planning the honeymoon
  5. Tips—Gratuities are a big part of wedding etiquette, so ask your guy to handle how much to tip vendors such as florists, photographers and entertainers.

Secret Four: Make time for a weekly date night.

Reconnect with the guy you love and show him some appreciation. Remember, wedding planning can wait for a while so you two can enjoy some quality time together. After all, your goal is a happy marriage, which lasts long after the wedding day!

You can catch more of Kristina’s wedding planning advice at the Luxury Wedding Showcase on January 27 at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale. We also suggest borrowing a few fabulous wedding ideas from the Arizona Weddings magazine and web site that she helps run.

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