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Tokyo Now: Your Guide to the City’s Best

Introducing an exclusive guide to only-in-Tokyo experiences for sushi lovers, luxury shoppers and the culturally curious, curated by Four Seasons Concierges.

Oct 24, 2011
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  • Tokyo sushi
  • Young child at Tokyo Disney
  • The 500 Disciples of Budda of stone images at Kitain Temple in Kawagoe of Saitama Japan Asia
Define your look with designer luxury goods with added Japanese flair.
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Find the best sushi restaurants in Tokyo.
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Tokyo Disney is a great place to spend the day with your kids.
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Explore the historical sites that Tokyo has to offer, like these statues at Kitain Temple.
Photography Masa Uemura/Alamy

Energetic and optimistic, Tokyo today boasts some of the world’s most exciting shopping, dining and attractions.

The expert Concierge team at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo has created Tokyo Now, a guide to what’s hot in the city at this very moment. Four highlights:

• One-of-a-kind shopping tips, focusing on designer luxury goods exclusive to the Japanese market and accessories that will define your look with Japanese flair.

• Tokyo’s top 10 sushi restaurants, plus an introduction to the many other Japanese cuisine styles from donburi and kaiseki to okonomiyaki and more. Can’t decide? No problem—a typical night out in the city often includes stops at several different restaurants.

• Great entertainment for children, including museums, theme parks and cutting-edge toy stores. Japan celebrates creativity and imagination in a way that will dazzle your kids.

• Amidst this utterly modern city, take a journey back in time for a local’s tour of Kawagoe, a traditional Japanese town.

Tokyo First Impressions

First-time visitors often say that everything they’ve heard about Tokyo is true:

• Strangers on the street are polite, friendly and helpful, even if they don’t speak English. The service in stores and restaurants is warm and sincere.

• Tokyo is unbelievably clean, wherever you look. The city feels safe, comfortable and family-friendly.

• It’s easy and inexpensive to get around, thanks to the brilliantly organised subway and train system. Signs are in both English and Japanese. Tokyo taxis tend to be more expensive. To guarantee a smooth trip, it’s best to have the address of your destination written down in Japanese.

To start planning your Tokyo trip, learn more about Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo, a sleek and modern hotel in the heart of Ginza.

For a complete overview, read Tokyo Now.


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