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Things to Do in Sharm El Sheikh: Stargazing

Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh offers a stargazing programme suitable for all ages.

May 18, 2010
Stargazing in the clear Egyptian night
Stargazing in the clear Egyptian night
Photography courtesy Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

On my last trip to Egypt, I saw the rings of Saturn, craters on the moon and a shooting star—all on a clear night overlooking the Red Sea at Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh Egypt.

That’s thanks to the Resort’s stargazing programme. The clear air and lack of light pollution make the Sinai Peninsula an ideal place to explore the night sky, and Four Seasons offers weekly sessions with an astronomer and a top-of-the-range 8-inch Meade telescope.

Our astronomer, Paula Müller—there are several—led us through the night sky to help us understand the size and complexity of the universe. She wove in facts with the mystery and mythology innate in astronomy, introducing us to planets, stars and well-known constellations.

She also linked the stars to ancient Egypt. For example, the Pharaohs knew when it was time to take the farmers out of the fields and put them to work on other projects by keeping an eye on Sirius, because its rising over Memphis predicted the annual arrival of the Nile floods.

Viewing the rings of Saturn was a thrill, as was taking a good look at the craters on the moon—its arid desolation jumped out at me through the lens of the telescope. Stargazing the desert sky is an unexpected adventure for all ages; and if you’re more interested, the Resort can arrange for a field trip out into the desert with the astronomer and an even bigger telescope!


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