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The New Spa in Shanghai

Inspired by the ancient wisdom and legends of Chinese culture, Qin The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai invites you to escape into serenity.

Aug 13, 2009
Qin The Spa incorporates custom products made from natural local ingredients.
Qin The Spa incorporates custom products made from natural local ingredients.
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Shanghai’s space age cityscape perfectly captures the modern vibe of this fast-paced city. With 300 of the world’s 500 top businesses headquartered in Shanghai, living and working is brisk and exciting. But in the middle of this whirlwind of activity and deal making is a peaceful respite, an indulgent escape into the past with its ancient wisdom, healing practices and natural serenity.

Tapping into the rites and rituals of traditional Chinese medicine, the designers of the recently opened Qin The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai seek to offer something truly unique, something that speaks to the culture of Shanghai while imparting an experience that is distinctively Four Seasons.

Ancient Practices

“Qin The Spa is meticulously designed to touch all the senses,” says Spa Director Kim Burton-Clay. “Treatments at Qin The Spa are specifically created for Four Seasons, and they are rich in Oriental essence, reflecting ancient wisdom and beliefs.” This is evident in the menu of available options. “The Spa menu is based on the Four Celestial Guardians concept, and all products and treatments have been custom-designed to reflect this,” adds Burton-Clay.

These guardians—tortoise, white tiger, phoenix and dragon—are the legendary creatures that guard the four points of the compass, and each is associated with a colour, a season and an element. So the Green Dragon Spring Rites incorporates a foot massage with warmed bamboo sticks. Massages incorporate kung fu, T’ai Chi, qigong and Tui Na. Natural, herb-based signature fragrances have been specially blended from indigenous Chinese ingredients to pair with treatments for a full sensory experience.

Modern Design

The space itself pays homage to Chinese history, legend and philosophy: The treatment rooms are decorated with the eight trigrams from the I Ching—sky, earth, thunder, wind, water, fire, mountain and marsh—which represent the fundamental ways that energy moves in the universe.

The Spa’s name, “Qin,” means to assimilate, to bring together and absorb into oneself. An apt description for what this luxurious new addition to Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai does by bringing the wisdom of the past to impart peace and tranquillity to the present.


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  1. I would LOVE to experience the spa in Shanghai!!

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