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Seychelles Spa Treatments Help You Find Your Master Element

Are you earth or sky? Wind or water? Four Seasons and local brand Yi-King offer personalised spa treatments based on ancient Chinese wisdom.

Sep 14, 2012
Yi-King oils used by Four Seasons Resort Seychelles.
Local spa and beauty brand Yi-King incorporates Chinese healing philosophies based on the eight master elements.
Photography courtesy Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Nearly all of us strive to achieve a feeling of balance and inner harmony. At the Spa at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, you can now use a practice found in ancient Chinese wisdom to help re-establish or maintain that harmony of mind and body by tapping into your master element.

“Yi-King millenary wisdom teaches about the links between our organs, glands, the eight elements and plants, which are man’s natural medicine on earth,” says Coralie Mouge, owner of local brand Yi-King, which bases its products on the ancient concept of the same name.

The elements Mouge refers to are those traditionally recognised by Chinese medicine—sky, wind, water, lake, mountain, earth, thunder and fire—and are also referred to as master elements. “Your date of birth determines your Yi-King profile or master element,” says Mouge. Using organic, locally sourced ingredients, Yi-King offers essential oil blends designed to rebalance hormone production and stimulate the organs according to your specific element.

“Balance is key to staying healthy and happy,” she says. “The essential oils in the Yi-King Aroma Remedies are carefully chosen to help restore and maintain this balance.” At the Spa at Four Seasons, therapists can advise on the best diet and physical remedies tailored to your master element, in addition to using Yi-King oils in a variety of treatments and massages.

Those born between January 6 and February 18, for example, have the master element earth and are primarily affected by their hypothalamus and stomach. They should eat foods that come from the earth itself, such as carrots, potatoes and sweet potatoes, but avoid quick-fix sugary foods like sodas. Those who fall under the earth element would also benefit from using a special oil blend containing sweet marjoram (which regulates appetite), tropical basil (a relaxing antispasmodic) and ravintsara aromatica (a stimulating neurotonic).

What’s Your Master Element?

Determine your own master element by finding where your birthday lies in the chart.

Earth: January 6 to February 18
Thunder: February 19 to April 8
Fire: April 9 to May 20
Lake: May 21 to July 6
Sky: July 7 to August 22
Wind: August 23 to October 7
Water: October 8 to November 21
Mountain: November 22 to January 5

Find your elemental profile on Yi-King’s web site.


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