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Healthy and Local in Nevis

An abundance of natural resources makes the island a destination for fresh cuisine, locally inspired spa treatments and authentic outdoor adventures.

Jan 29, 2014
  • Health eating: Mansa’s Last Stop in Nevis, West Indies
  • Health and wellness: Spa treatments at Four Seasons Resort Nevis, West Indies
  • Things to do in Nevis: Outdoor cycling tour in Nevis, West Indies
  • Nevis attractions: Local wildlife in Nevis, West Indies
  • Things to do in Nevis: Botanical Gardens of Nevis, West Indies
Sample Nevis’ fresh local produce at Mansa’s Last Stop in Cades Bay.
Photography courtesy St. Kitts and Nevis Observer
The relaxing spa treatments at Four Seasons Resort Nevis celebrate local culture with native ingredients and techniques.
Photography courtesy Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Explore the island during a cycling or hiking excursion with Nevis Adventure Tours.
Photography courtesy Reginald Douglas
Playful vervet monkeys roam the grounds at Four Seasons Resort Nevis, giving visitors a sense of the island’s wildlife.
Photography jomilo75
The Botanical Gardens of Nevis works to preserve and showcase the island’s natural resources.
Photography Douglas Enterprises Inc.

Secluded and postcard-pretty Nevis offers relaxation, adventure and culture, but there’s more to this West Indies paradise than the natural beauty that meets the eye. The island actively promotes sustainability (a geothermal energy project is under way) and works to preserve its diverse and plentiful natural resources. If you’re looking for a tropical Caribbean escape, you’ll find it in Nevis, but along the way you’ll also discover authentic local traditions, and adventures that celebrate the indigenous and promote health and wellness.

Native ingredients

The volcanic soil of Nevis Peak is rich with minerals, providing fertile land for tropical crops such as passion fruit, coconuts, avocados, sweet potatoes, plantains and mangos. At Four Seasons Resort Nevis, much of the produce comes from a local farm in Cades Bay where Mansa, the charismatic owner, plants and harvests the crops himself. Also visit Mansa’s Last Stop, a quaint market at his farm where you can pick up fresh produce, enjoy delicious barbecue (Saturdays and Sundays) or share a cold beer with Mansa himself.

Taking a cue from local farmers, the Resort recently planted its own herb garden featuring mint, basil and cilantro, which will be integrated into its cuisine and cocktails.

Local treatments

Body meets soul at the serene Spa at Four Seasons Resort Nevis, which carefully crafts energizing and healing treatments that incorporate local techniques and products. Reward tired muscles with a traditional Nevisian massage or indulge with a Rum Tonic body treatment. This service begins with a sugar cane scrub (a nod to the island’s sugar plantation history). Next, you’re covered with a soothing mixture prepared with CSR Rum, distilled on Nevis’ sister island St Kitts, and Nevisian honey. Nevis’ raw, homespun honey—flavoured by the island’s tropical flowers—is highly regarded for its many benefits. In addition to using honey as an organic sweetener, Nevisians take advantage of honey’s antibacterial properties, incorporating it into health and beauty treatments like this one. After the honey is washed away, your skin will glow.

Authentic adventures

Golfing, snorkelling, diving, boating—the island’s prime location in the Lesser Antilles archipelago creates optimal conditions for action-packed days in nature. Explore Nevis’ wonders, including sugar plantation ruins and enchanting rainforest waterfalls, during a cycling or hiking excursion with Nevis Adventure Tours. If you’d like to test your physical endurance, book a half-day hike to the majestic Nevis Peak, the island’s volcanic centrepiece that soars 3,231 feet (985 metres) towards the sky. Ask for Reggie Douglas, the owner of Nevis Adventure Tours, to guide you to the top. An experienced triathlete, Douglas will keep you safe during the rigorous climb, which traverses slippery rocks and muddy trails. Dress appropriately—long pants and hiking shoes are highly recommended. All your hard work will be worth it when you reach the summit and commemorate your accomplishment by signing your name in the guest book.

Where you find outdoor adventures, you’ll also find a diverse ecosystem and indigenous wildlife. At the Resort, discover local flora and fauna on a sunset hike along the rainforest trails. You’re likely to spot vervet monkeys frolicking in their natural habitat. At the Botanical Gardens of Nevis, you can stroll through exotic tropical gardens, see artwork from around the world and view a cascading waterfall. When the sun goes down, take a guided walk along Pinney’s beach with the Nevis Turtle Group to observe sea turtles laying eggs—or eggs hatching in the moonlight.



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