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Travel Trends for Every Generation

Create lasting memories for your loved ones—children, grandparents and everyone in between—with these family vacation ideas.

Mar 20, 2014
Family travel ideas: multigenerational travel
For families who live far apart, a well-planned vacation offers opportunities to rest, relax and reconnect.
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You can’t put a price on creating family memories, and in the age of Skype and FaceTime, connecting in real life is still the key to building meaningful relationships. It’s for this reason that multigenerational travel is on the rise; and with baby boomers living longer and young parents willing to jet toddlers to exotic destinations, trip options are more exciting than ever. Here are the best reasons to travel together now.

Discover your heritage

Travel is a fascinating way to explore your family’s roots. Making genealogy part of a trip could be as simple as visiting a single destination that’s significant to your family. If your troop is really into the idea of uncovering its past, consider recruiting an expert to help research ancestral records and plan activities and excursions around the results. Ireland is one family-friendly destination where this kind of travel is becoming easier and more popular. Dublin is home to several major genealogy centres (each county in Ireland has one), which help accommodate requests from people of Irish descent—an estimated 70 million spread around the world. The family tree you piece together is certainly a souvenir that will last for generations.

City adventures

Urban holidays suit families with a wide range of interests and ages, and allow your group flexibility to enjoy activities together and apart. Position your pack within walking distance of popular attractions or near easy public transportation. You can then create exciting, multifaceted itineraries that allow for easy transitions from, say, theme park to swimming pool in a jiffy. Kids will also find museums and historic sites, such as those in Washington, DC’s national parks, even more interesting when illuminated by personal anecdotes from the older generation.

Grandparents and grandkids go it alone

A new trend in baby boomer travel: hitting the road with grandkids while leaving the middle generation behind. Clever grandparents invest young ones in the planning process by allowing them to choose one of several parent-approved destinations. Consider organizing your grandkid getaway around must-see landmarks, theme parks, or favourite books or characters—think Harry Potter’s London, or New York City attractions featured in Spider-Man movies.

Focus on reconnecting

Once you and the family arrives at your destination, be sure to leave time in the itinerary to just kick back and enjoy each other’s company. Luxurious family suites or residence rentals gather everyone under the same roof with plenty of room to spread out and easy access to resort amenities. Let babies nap undisturbed and teens sleep past noon in private bedrooms. Kitchens and central living areas serve as gathering spots to flip through magazines, catch up on conversation or whip up impromptu games. These relaxing family holidays can easily be seaside or urban, and not to worry—housekeeping is included.

Celebrate a milestone

A special anniversary, birthday, graduation or other life milestone can provide the perfect excuse to align busy schedules and embark on a family vacation. Why not blow out candles in Paris, or celebrate 50 years of marriage in Maui, surrounded by extended family? Though the trip might emphasize the celebrant(s), make sure to brainstorm the itinerary as a family to keep everyone’s expectations in sync.

Travel tips:

  • When selecting a destination, consider the needs of the youngest and the oldest family member. If they can handle the trip, the odds are the rest of the family can, too.
  • Pack flexibility along with your camera. Quirky, unexpected things will happen—you’re travelling with family, after all.


3 Comments about Travel Trends for Every Generation

  1. This story making me so excited for my multigenerational family trip this summer!

  2. Excellent listings for all kinds of families! Our extended family definitely would choose a nature over city type-vacation plan.

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