Breakfast in a Glass? St Patrick’s Day the Dublin Way

Complete with pancetta-infused whiskey, this recipe for a Full Irish Breakfast cocktail from Four Seasons Hotel Dublin offers a unique combination of flavours.

Mar 16, 2012
Four Seasons Hotel Dublin's Full Irish Breakfast cocktail
The Full Irish Breakfast cocktail at Four Seasons Hotel Dublin features pancetta-infused whiskey. Maybe it's breakfast in a glass, but you may want to wait until after lunch before you try this one.
Photography Goran Jandric/Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

For St Patrick’s Day celebrations, why not turn to the Irish for the best drink suggestion? Mixologist Goran Jandric at ICE lounge and bar within Four Seasons Hotel Dublin created the Full Irish Breakfast cocktail.

The Hotel’s version of the cocktail is served year-round, but Concierge Marie-Claire Sabogal particularly recommends it for St Patrick’s Day. The flavourful cocktail was Jandric’s attempt to create something different, and if pancetta-infused whiskey doesn’t make you raise an eyebrow, we’re not sure what will!

Jandric never thought he would mix a meat-based cocktail when he first started bartending, but his combination of pancetta-infused Jameson Irish Whiskey, creamy advocaat (egg liqueur) and maple syrup proved to be a delightful surprise.

Inspired by the success of a Michelin-starred chef’s idea for an ice cream flavour, Jandric thought he could find good results with a similarly unconventional cocktail. “Heston Blumenthal has a hit on his hands with bacon and egg ice cream,” he told himself, “so why not a bacon and egg cocktail?” The mixologist hopes the cocktail will fall into a niche similar to the Bloody Mary, and until that happens, he is enjoying surprising guests with the cocktail’s combination of flavours.

The bartenders at Four Seasons Hotel Dublin infuse Jameson Irish Whiskey with pancetta themselves, giving the Full Irish Breakfast cocktail its rich flavour. But if you can’t make it to Dublin, you can follow this recipe to create your own batch at home.


3 slices of pancetta
1.5 oz. advocaat (egg liqueur)
2.25 oz. pancetta-infused Jameson Irish Whiskey
.75 oz. lemon juice
.75 oz. maple syrup

Pancetta-Infusion directions:

•    Pan-fry three slices of pancetta.
•    Dry off cooked pancetta with napkin, removing excess grease.
•    Place cooled-down pancetta in a jar with .5 litres of Jameson.
•    Leave mixture in refrigerator for two days.
•    Scoop out fat settled at the top of the jar.
•    Fine-strain the mixture with a cloth napkin or a coffee filter.
•    Infused whiskey can be stored in refrigerator for a considerable amount of time.

Cocktail Directions:

•    Fill martini glass with ice to chill.
•    Put ice cubes in your cocktail shaker and add all ingredients.
•    Shake vigorously.
•    Fine-strain the cocktail mixture into chilled martini glass.
•    Garnish with lemon twist.

Recipe courtesy Goran Jandric at Four Seasons Hotel Dublin.


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