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Nights on the Town, Tokyo Style

Discover the local Tokyo approach to an evening out with friends—and try some savvy suggestions from Four Seasons Concierges.

Jan 3, 2012
11th-floor rooftop lounge at Bulgari
Toast the beautiful sunset views of Tokyo with cocktails on the 11th-floor rooftop lounge at Bulgari.
Photography courtesy Bulgari

Smart, Stylish Night Out

1. Start with drinks at the 11th-floor rooftop lounge at Bulgari, imbued with the Italian design company’s trademark elegance. Toast the beautiful sunset views of Tokyo.

2. At Nihonbashi Yukari, discover Japan’s classic kaiseki dining, where the food and dishware are always changing, ensuring each course is a work of art. Chef Kimio Nonaga, a third-generation chef, was the 2002 Iron Chef champion.

3. Experience the cool Tokyo music scene at Genius Tokyo, the influential nightclub with a line-up of the best DJs and dancing.

Or try our suggestions for a Casual, Fun Night Out or a Chic, Sophisticated Night Out

For a complete overview of dining, shopping and attractions, Four Seasons Concierges have created Tokyo Now, a guide to what’s hottest in the city.

To start planning your trip, visit Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo.



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