Where Are the World’s Best Macarons?

From Paris to Tokyo, New York and your hometown, tell us about the most memorable, most indulgent macaron you've ever tasted.

Jul 8, 2011
Colourful Macarons
The macaron is a light and airy but oh-so-satisfying treat.
Photography Maren Caruso

Updated, July 31, 2013—It’s the ultimate indulgence: the watercolour tint, delicate texture and refined flavour of the macaron.

Its light-as-air, flaky outer shell and smooth, moist interior elevate a simple base of almond, sugar and egg white to an objet d’art. When set off with a coordinating or contrasting flavour of jam, ganache or buttercream filling—creating a gerbet—the result is a pastry passion that well deserves the international ardour it’s inspired in recent years. The coveted confection’s petite size makes the experience of eating it all the more precious.

Not to be confused with the dense, chewy coconut macaroon, the macaron is most closely associated with France and renowned Parisian purveyors such as Gérard Mulot, Lenôtre and particularly Ladurée.

The macaron also enjoys intense popularity in Asia. Several French pâtissiers, including Dalloyau and Pierre Hermé (which opened its first boutique in the city in 1998), have multiple, ever-bustling boutiques in Tokyo.

In the Americas, the debate continues over where to find the confection’s best representatives. In New York City, for instance, many prefer the Stateside outposts of Paris’ La Maison du Chocolat, while others contend that smaller local shops like Vendôme Macaron and Bisous Ciao are the true gems.

There’s no doubt that macaron perfection can be found beyond Paris, so tell us: Where are your favourites?


71 Comments about Where Are the World’s Best Macarons?

  1. carolyn sielski says:

    The Best ,macarons I’ve ever eaten were made in the famous store in Nancy France called” Les Soeurs de Macarons”. These are the original and they do NOT share their recipe. The cookies come out flat and cracked with a hint of bergamot in the flavoring. You buy them right out of the oven on parchemnet paper. They are delicious!!!!

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  3. Marie Shanahan says:

    Wish I could give an opinion, but I’ve never tried one. Will say, however, they are so beautiful and elegantly done that they amaze me, well. Been looking up recipes for how “laymen” can make them at home. I’m doubtful of a good outcome, but will TRY!! :)

    I am no longer able to drive, and they are not easy to come by where I live (New England countryside). We have a cranberry bog LOL – but no real bakery, alas.

  4. Emy says:

    Pistacia Vera in the German Village- Columbus Ohio. Art for the palate. Mere words cannot describe these luxurious creations.

  5. Julie Byron says:

    Columbus, Ohio (German Village Neighborhood) Pistachia Vera. Best in the world outside of France!

  6. Manueh says:

    Richart, New York City.

  7. TheDimpledRN says:

    Without a doubt, the best Macarons EVER, can be found at Sucre in New Orleans on Magazine street. With their smooth as satin finish, these little pieces of heaven are as light as a cloud. The flavors are unique and perfectly paired with a luscious ganache. Yumm.


  8. The best macarons that I have ever had were at Chokolat Patisserie at Rio Centro Entrerios
    in Samborondon near Guayaquil in Ecuador during a recent visit. Their macarons, as well
    as all their chocolate pastries, are truly heavenly.

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  10. Fayton says:

    I agree with Jess (his post 27 april 2013) concerning the LiloBop Macarons in Berlin. It’s difficult to compare Macarons from one city to the other because they are fresh product, but as a friend goes to Berlin with two box of P.H. macarons we can compare with the LiloBop, and no discussion concerning taste, consistence, and freshness of LiloBop macarons they win every time. Hope that Berlin expanding interest in the macarons will give the opportunity to have by LiloBop always new original flavors.

  11. skibones says:

    These are the words’s best macarons.
    You can get them around the Boston/NH area. Go to the website and you can get info on how to get the macarons delivered to you

  12. Jess says:

    Mic Mac Macaron in the South of France just make great, original and tasteful macarons. I have tried too Lilobop in Berlin and they are great too. Both are tastier and really surpass Laduree.

  13. James says:

    MakMak in Sydney, Australia are consistently rated the best by chefs and locals. They beat Laduree and everyone else in a recent blind tasting by 3 top Sydney chefs. See http://www.au.timeout.com/sydney/restaurants/features/11434/time-out-mac-down

  14. Vanessa says:

    The best French macarons I have EVER had was the Lime basil and the Lavender from White Lace Cakes in Saint Paul, Minnesota. They were absolutely perfect and I have had a lot of them. OMG their wedding cakes are crazy beautiful too!

  15. Carlbuddy says:

    Well i like Macarons from bonpastry shop located in San Diego
    Rich in taste the taste you will never forget price is very low for their great taste like they said on their web true taste of France they definitely are true taste of france

  16. Matej Galovič says:

    The best macarons are “Lucette” from Slovakia. They are better than Pierre Herme or Laduree.


  17. mynya says:

    JEAN-PAUL HÉVIN is my best macarons!

  18. Paul says:

    In London/UK laudree and Piere Herme are ok however as they are are mass produced they suffer quality and consistency issues. I personally believe you need to buy from a boutique supplier. In london the best at the moment has to be Anges de Sucre. The only problem is of course , because they aren’t mass produced they can be hard to get hold

  19. Steven says:

    Best macarons are in San Francisco from a place called Oui Oui Macaron. These are the best as far as looks, texture, flavor, and unique.

  20. Sherri says:

    Laduree is the ulitmate place for macarons. I have only a few places I could compare to but laduree has the best flavor and the best overall experience

  21. wackyfit says:

    LOVE Laduree and Pierre Herme in Paris! Best Macarons ever!

  22. Jordan says:

    Being in the business, we’ve come across quite a few macarons in our day. The best we’ve had have got to be from L’Artisan out of San Fran. We’re pretty strict about who we partner with but any review you find online or elsewhere will validate our stance. Amazingly fresh ingredients, prefect textures and the best we’ve come across aesthetically in a long time.

  23. Jordan says:

    Being in the business, we’ve come across quite a few macarons in our day. The best we’ve had have got to be from L’Artisan out of San Fran. We’re pretty strict about who we partner with but any review you find online or elsewhere will validate our stance. Amazingly fresh ingredients, prefect textures and the best we’ve come across aesthetically in a long time.

  24. Ken says:

    OMG! – Bouchon Bakery, Napa Valley, CA


  25. reem says:

    laduree rue concord paris

  26. L.T. Niosi says:

    Yum – so many to try!

  27. Karen Veltri says:

    I had excellant macarons at a small bakeshop in NJ, Asalt & Buttery. I thought they were at least as good as anything I had in the city The lemon was truly amazing. Definitely the best lemon

  28. LI says:

    The best macarons I’ve had are from a local baker based out of Boston, MA. Beautiful / delicate texture coupled with savory flavors. Website is http://www.ccrowells.com/

  29. Connie Moellenhoff says:

    The Ritz Carlton in Moscow had them on a bedside table surrounded by Chocolate Caviar! So beautiful and so delicious!

  30. Keith Smith says:

    I haven’t had a good one in awhile.

  31. Rowan says:

    Le Guanahani, St Barths has a good coconut one. http://www.leguanahani.com/

  32. Rowan says:

    La Rôtisserie, St. Barths has mango macarons-best ever, don’t let the bright orange color throw you off! http://stbarthdental.com/index.php/St.-Barth/Restaurants/La-Rotisserie-St.-Jean.html

  33. Shaun Smithson says:

    The best macaron I have had came from Paul in Washington, DC and Ladurre in Paris. Headed there in a few weeks!

  34. W. Tsang says:

    Laudree in Paris, of course, is a classic.

    But, when you talking about variety, please counts Hong Kong!

    The world-famous Paul Lafayette, La Maison du Chocolat, Joël Robuchon…and even local store like Vero (www.verochocolates.com) can make excellent macarons!!!

  35. Sandra Moy says:

    I am from New York City and two of my favorite macaron places are indeed Bisous Ciao and Cours la Reine, but my first bite of a macaron was in Madrid, Spain, at a small pastry shop on the north side of El Parque de Buen Retiro called Moulin Chocolat!

  36. Louise Ostrov says:

    The world’s best macaroons can be found in the Sierra foothills town of Murphys, ca at Aria Bakery. Dipped in dark chocolate they are light and chewy with a hint of almond. Forget discovering gold….prospectors should have been looking for

  37. Yvonne Realini says:

    Here my recommendation about the world’ best macarons !:
    In Zurich, Switzerland the Confiserie Sprüngli, absolutely delicious !!! Enjoy !!


  38. Stephanie Terrill says:

    “Le Macaron” has the most incredible, delicate, heaven-in-your-mouth macarons in the world! It is owned and operated by a French family who is passionate about the perfection of their creations. Located a world away from France, set foot in the shop and you will quickly recognize that French folk flock here, and even admit that these delicacies are superior to those in Paris. Amazingly, Le Macaron is on St. Armand’s Circle in Sarasota, Florida. If only they would come to DC! http://www.lemacaron-us.com/

  39. Dr. Daniel Bugmann says:

    Spruengli in Zurich, Switzerland
    Smaller than Laduree

  40. Gerard Bastiaanse says:

    Patrick Mesiano
    06210 Bealieu-sur-Mer France

  41. Guido Lanzoni says:

    Oberlaa, in Vienna Austria.
    It is not as sexy as those Parisian shops, but in a blind test it would win hands down, any day. Irresistible!. Guido Lanzoni

  42. Brian says:

    really good macarons are hard to find. many now do very elaborate variations with multiple flavourings but yet miss the combination of crunch and chewiness that a truly great macaron exhibits. The best i ever had was on Dal Lake, Srinigar in Kashmir, India. Freshly baked, simple but exquisite

  43. Adrienne Drell says:

    In Marrakesh Morocco at La Mamounia Hotel are the most pillow like, flavorful and beautiful macarons which come in a lovely little box! every42

  44. Rachel says:

    La Belle Miette in Melbourne, Victoria, (Australia): http://labellemiette.com.au/mac/

    Choukette in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia: http://www.choukette.com.au/

    Texturally perfect – and delicious as well.

  45. Marissa says:

    At Adriano Zumbo – various locations in Sydney! Some interesting flavours include:
    Charred Coconut & Black Rice Pudding
    Japanese Mayo
    Kaffir Lime & Ginger
    Caramelised Palm Sugar
    Black Sesame, Licorice & Lime
    Chestnut & Mint

  46. Steve Marsden says:

    Patisserie Paul in Marseille.

  47. Jennifer J says:

    Bouchon in NYC and Bennison’s Bakery in Evanston, IL

  48. Ronda says:

    Laudree in Paris is my very first choice. The ones here at Jumby Bay, Antigua, where we are on vacation, are very delicious as well!

  49. Virginia says:

    Laduree are my favorite!

  50. Scott Baldwin says:

    Without a doubt the best I’ve had (other than my wife’s and Chef Bruno’s at the Four Seasons Vancouver) were at Pâtisseire Sadaharu AKOI in Paris (in the 5th Arr off Rue Flatters).

  51. Christi says:

    the best macarons I have had were at Macaron Sweeterie in Arlington MA (just outside Boston)
    The shop is just beautiful and they make amazing gelato too.

  52. Joanna says:

    G. Carl Tripician has been making macaroons since 1910 on the Atlantic City Boardwalk now located in Absecon, New Jersey. Nice local luxury.

  53. AnalogBass says:

    Two former Fauchon chefs called MadMac make quite good ones which are sold through their website and Dean Deluca – they get the texture right which is more than I can say for most of the US-made ones I’ve had. I found the BisousCiao ones to be dry and airy, almost brittle, though the shop, packaging and flavors were excellent.

  54. Alicia says:

    Thanks so much for the tips, everyone! I promise to leave a few macarons for you when I visit your favourite shops. And 26meals, I checked your blog post–the ones you made sound delicious! Anybody else had any luck making them at home? Or do you leave it to the pros?

  55. 26Meals says:

    We made our own Macarons the other day and they were amazing!!! http://www.26meals.com

  56. One More Bite Blog says:

    The ones from Laduree are definitely the best I’ve ever had. They were life changing. Can’t wait for their New York outpost to arrive.

  57. Dani says:

    shhhhhhh, T O K Y O, Japan… Omotesando Hills

  58. Hilary says:

    You simply cannot beat Paris–the home of the macaron. I love Laduree, but Pierre Herme is another great.

  59. Miko says:

    Agree with everyone above about Bisous Ciao in NYC. Definitely some of the best and almost comparable to Pierre Herme. I also recently had some from Macaron Cafe, which I thought were only ok before, but they seem to have improved their recipe!

  60. Dana Landon says:

    The best macarons I have ever had were at Bisou Ciao in NYC. So happy to see them in this article! Since having them I try a macaron anytime I see one at a bakery and nothing even comes close. The outside is the perfect shell consistency and the inside is filled with so much rich smooth flavor. The shop itself is also an experience all on its own. It feels like you are in a high end fashion boutique but it smells better and you get to eat there. Doesn’t get much better than that.

  61. Silvana says:

    The best macarons in NYC are the ones at Bisous Ciao. They have the most creative flavors and a very good variety that changes seasonal. And the boutique is so elegant and beautiful.

  62. Alicia says:

    Sounds like I’d better book some trips to San Francisco, NYC, and Indianapolis immediately! And Thaang–call me when you’re ready to do that taste test…. What if it turned out like the ’76 wine Judgment of Paris and the new world upstarts beat out the French masters? That’s probably a little far-fetched, but I’d definitely be up for the judging.

  63. Thaang says:

    Out of all the ones in NYC, “Bisous ciao” is the stand out for me… Actually, I would love to do a side by side comparision of macarons from “Bisous ciao” with those from Paris because they are seriously on that level. LOVE ‘EM!

  64. Nicki says:

    Bisousciao! Not only are the macarons fabulous, but the whole boutique-feeling makes the store unique!

  65. agathe says:

    BisousCiao is the best in NYC hands down.

  66. Anna Wolfe says:

    Circle City Sweets in Indy has good macarons. The best, though, are in Paris.

  67. Britta says:

    In San Francisco’s Hayes Valley neighborhood, the macarons at Chantal Guillon are as much a feast for the eyes as the mouth. http://chantalguillon.com/

  68. Lola says:

    The address is actually on Mass Ave. in Lexington! And YES I TOTALLY AGREE
    BEST ONES EVERR!!!!!!!

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