Drink Recipe: Mango Sticky Rice

Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok mixes up fresh Thai cocktails such as the Mango Sticky Rice, made with rice vodka.

Jun 20, 2011
Thai cocktails such as the Mango Sticky Rice offer up a tasty and refreshing twist.
Thai cocktails such as the Mango Sticky Rice offer up a tasty and refreshing twist.

Before your next trip to Thailand, why not “practice” enjoying the libations at home with these recipes from the new cocktail menu at Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok.

Malcolm Omond, the Hotel’s director of food and beverage, suggests that if you’re unable to find Thai liqueurs, perhaps at your local Asian supermarket, use your favourite vodka or rum to reproduce the flavours.

“So many people love the typical Thai dessert Mango Sticky Rice, they’re enjoying the experience of trying it as a cocktail,” Omond says. “We use rice vodka because it’s a traditional Thai ingredient.”

Mango Sticky Rice

2 oz. Rice vodka
2 oz. Malibu rum
1/2 Whole fresh mango
1/2  oz. Fresh Thai lemon juice
1 oz. Vanilla syrup
Pinch of sesame for garnish
Coconut cream for garnish

Mix the first five ingredients, saving a piece of the mango half for a garnish. Serve in martini glass, garnish with the remaining mango and sesame and top with coconut cream.

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2 Comments about Drink Recipe: Mango Sticky Rice

  1. Talala says:

    Supposed to be blend it or just shake ?

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