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Lisbon: Motorbike Photo Class and Private Bullfight

Witness a Portuguese bullfight—fully safe and humane. Then zip through Lisbon’s streets in a motorcycle sidecar, taking a photography workshop as you go.

Jan 11, 2012
Portuguese Bullfighting in Lisbon
Spend the afternoon as the private guest of one of Portugal’s most respected cavaleiros, António Ribeiro Telles.
Photography TknoxB

Long renowned for providing the finest experience of the Portuguese capital, Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon makes it easy for you to hear the hottest fado singers or tour the mountain palaces of Sintra.

Rising atop one of the city’s famed seven hills, overlooking Eduardo VII Park, Four Seasons boasts the city’s largest privately owned collection of Portuguese contemporary art. The acclaimed Varanda restaurant serves the freshest seafood and regional Portuguese specialities. For relaxation, there’s a penthouse fitness centre and a Zen-inspired spa with an indoor swimming pool.

To let you fully personalise your Lisbon stay, Four Seasons recently introduced a new City Guide, providing a collection of original experiences. Among all the unique opportunities, here are two of the most intriguing:

Witness Your Own Private Bullfight

Portuguese bullfighting has a rich tradition that differs greatly from its Spanish counterpart. Important to note: This is a “bloodless fight,” meaning the bull is not killed in the ring.

In this exclusive Four Seasons opportunity, you can spend the afternoon as the private guest of one of Portugal’s most respected cavaleiros (horseback bullfighters), António Ribeiro Telles. You’ll visit his magnificent Torrinha Estate in southern Ribatejo—the heart of bullfighting country—just 45 minutes from Four Seasons.

This bullfighting legend will tell you about highlights from his career and introduce you to the extraordinary Ribeiro Telles horses that have played a role in his family for generations. You can meet the veterinarians and handlers—you’ll even have the chance to go horseback riding—and then eat a traditional Portuguese lunch with the family.

The climax of the day is a private bullfight, performed by António and his team. They’ll take you step by step through the three distinct phases of a bullfight, from the elegant art of the cavaleiros to the courageous insanity of the forcados, who challenge the animal without either weapons or protection. The main objective is to demonstrate classic traditions and not to hurt the animals.

This is a rare opportunity to experience the traditions of Portuguese bullfighting with one of its most renowned masters, delving deep into the heart of the country’s rural culture.

Enjoy a Motorbike Photo Workshop

Speeding around Lisbon by motorbike is popular among locals, and now Four Seasons offers an exclusive opportunity that combines a motorbike ride with a city tour and a photography lesson. It’s an exhilarating and authentic way to discover the capital!

You’ll climb into the sidecar of a motorcycle, driven by an experienced rider. (There’s room for two people per sidecar, and enough bikes can be supplied to transport you and your fellow travellers.)

You’ll be joined by a local professional photographer, Harold Naaijer. After a quick briefing and check of your photographic equipment, Naaijer will follow on his own scooter—offering tips on how to frame the perfect shot, maximise the exquisite Lisboan light and capture the city’s most evocative scenes.

You’ll enjoy a thrilling ride through Lisbon’s winding streets and leafy squares to discover glimpses of daily life, from hilltops to the seaside. You might even stop along the way to try traditional Pastéis de Belém (custard tarts) at Antiga Confeitaria de Belém—where you can peek into the kitchen that has housed the secret recipe since 1837!

It’s a tour that’s as exhilarating as it is educational, and the photos you’ve taken can be printed and placed in a photo book as a souvenir.  End the day with a lovely dinner in a local restaurant.

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