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Mariangela #FSBrideToronto

Mariangela, a Canadian bride-to-be, let fate take its course when she was first introduced to the man who is now her fiancé. After first meeting at a casual group dinner with friends, the couple met again a short time later at a party. But this time, they didn't let each other get away without exchanging information. After their first formal date of dinner and a U2 concert, they never left each other's side.

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Anne #FSBrideBoston

Boston bride-to-be Anne and her fiancé Mark met under unusual circumstances. The couple, who ironically work for two companies in direct competition with one another, met for an informational interview to pick each other's brains about their shared field of business. Nine months later they met for what Anne thought was a casual lunch at the same restaurant where they had first met to discuss work, but this time Mark had a very different agenda: to ask Anne for her hand in marriage.

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Rana #FSBrideBeirut

Life threw self-proclaimed independent woman Rana a curve ball when she unexpectedly met Raed; 45 days later they were engaged to be married. Rana, with the help of Just Married Wedding Planners, is planning a celebration for 260 guests at Four Seasons Hotel Beirut.

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