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Fresh Ideas

Try something new this season. Whether it’s tasting China’s zongzi dumplings, adding a touch of soft colour to your look, testing your equestrian skills, sipping (non-fortified) Portuguese wines or hiking the mountains of Morocco, we hope this issue of Four Seasons Magazine offers plenty of inspiration.


True Colour

Yellow diamonds from Tiffany take luxury to the next level. Even more valuable—each stone is responsibly sourced to meet strict social and environmental standards.

Shadow Play

The runway’s latest shades for lids are sure to catch your eye—modern pastels in a rainbow of hues, ready to soften your look and brighten your day.

Dress Code

It’s been five years since Phoebe Philo took the helm at Céline—time enough for the designer to revolutionize the formerly fussy wardrobes of busy professional women.

A Step Ahead

Celebrate the season by stashing the conservative heels. These airy and unusual pairs will have you striding straight into a fashionable future.

Inspiration Paris

Channel the fashion capital with this chic look from our stylist.

Visions: La Mer

Discover the unique process—and secret ingredient—behind La Mer’s famed “Miracle Broth.”

Beyond Port

Some of Portugal’s most interesting wines are neither aperitif nor dessert variety. Here, a sampling of non-fortified vinhos to pair with the main course.

»Web exclusive: The Maitre Sommelier at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Libson shares his picks for Portuguese wine.

Rule, Britannia

It’s smooth sailing ahead in the 2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith, a car that leaves others in its wake as it merges lineage and power.

Blue Notes

Men: Put some pep in your step with a fresh-from-the-runway shade.

Trench Town

A man’s trench coat makes a statement, sometimes a mysterious one. If you prefer that yours speak with a slight accent, choose from these new takes on the classic.

At Home in Beirut

Furniture designers in Lebanon’s capital are creating a new aesthetic by mixing traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge form.

» Web Exclusive: See a gallery of furniture from Beirut’s top designers.

True to Type

From early oddities to Hemingway’s Halda, collectors are getting keyed up for antique and author-owned typewriters.

Read. Watch. Listen.

These cultural picks of the season explore the enduring—if never simple—impact of big lives.

Dragon Boat Dumplings

Zongzi come in many varieties, but whatever filling you fancy, don’t miss a chance to taste this Chinese festival tradition.

Artful Shopping in Dublin

Whether you’re interested in Irish art or more practical local craftwork, Dublin is the place to tap into—and acquire a piece of—the country’s creative energy.

Gear Up & Go

Luxurious luggage, inspired accessories, connoisseur cameras: Hit the road with the season’s most stylish travel goods.

Saddle Up

Champing at the bit for outdoor adventure and a fun workout? It’s time to harness some real horsepower.

Second Nature

Add an idyllic touch with a garden-party-perfect watch.

Waist Time

Ladies, wrap things up this season with a twist on a universal accessory—sturdy, neutral-hued leather belts accented with unusual buckles or subtle embellishments.

Gold for the Bold

A crop of creative designers dare you to flaunt precious metal in beautiful if slightly unnerving forms.

Editor Obsessions

The talk of our office this season? Lacy, laser-cut and perforated pieces that take a simple black palette a cut above the ordinary.



Sticking to the Script

Film critic Bilge Ebiri is feeling some cinematic déjà vu, and he’s calling out a culprit behind the creative lapse.

Cash Only

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes says he’s discovered a smarter (and simpler) way to help the world’s poor.

Never Too Late

If you’re considering a mid-life reinvention, says comedian Viv Groskop, don’t let lack of experience, or three kids . . . or good sense . . . stop you.

A Life Observed

Damon Brown questions not only why we share so much in social media but why we’re doing the things we share.

» Web Exclusive: See Brown’s tips for unplugging, unwinding and immersing yourself in your next destination.


Pastels on Canvas

This season, we’re welcoming a little fresh colour into our world—just a hint of tint is all it takes to brighten our outlook. From sky blue to muted mint, delicate yellow to a whisper of rose, the newest pastels are cool but not cloying, as looks from the likes of Tom Ford, Lela Rose, Ports 1961 and J. Mendel attest. These soft shades find just the right accent with accessories and jewels from Tod’s, Kara Ross, Michael Kors, Cellini and Roberto Coin. Model Israela shows how to lighten up.


Altitude & Solitude

In search of solitude, David Baker pushes past his sea-level comfort zone to tackle Toubkal, Morocco’s highest mountain.

The Best Place in the World

The top place to find friends, fortune—or UFOs? Stuart Husband proposes 18 surprisingly superlative spots.

Natives of the Land

Christine Thomas reveals how Honolulu’s Hawaiian Rare Plant Program is working to save species that play important historical, ecological and cultural roles throughout the islands.


Bedtime Stories

How to get the best sleep ever on your travels (hint: the plush Four Seasons bed doesn’t hurt).

Water Ways

Soak up the tranquil beauty of Hangzhou’s West Lake during your arrival by boat.

Private Views

Revel in rare access to St Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum and its treasures.

Taste the Stars

A stellar dinner awaits under the night sky of Costa Rica.

Concierge Recommends

Five Concierges offer insider access to the best of their destinations.


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