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Jul 30, 2012
Boats at Fort Qaitby, Alexandria
Boats gather at the historic Fort Qaitby in Alexandria.
Photography Richard Waite

We asked the Concierge Team of Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano to gather the savviest sight-seeing suggestions they could find—not just their own, but also those of other local connoisseurs, including some they work with every day at the Hotel. Alexandria combines a proud history, architecture and fine dining with beaches along the Mediterranean coast.

Most Elite Beach

San Stefano, a stretch of sand also known as the Alexandria Riviera, is also the Malibu of Egypt. Watch an Egyptian beach movie from the 1960s or early ’70s and you may recognise the backdrop. Glamorous film stars, tycoons and visiting royalty have added glitter to this chic, upscale area.

Seaside Dining

Byblos is a gleaming, high-style restaurant that serves up some of the best Lebanese cuisine in Egypt. Diners may choose from fresh meze such as makanek (pan-fried homemade lamb sausages) and habra halabia (breaded, minced beef patties with coriander and garlic), followed by shish tawouk (grilled, boneless chicken marinated with garlic, tomato paste and spices). This is formal dining at its finest with—what else?—a view overlooking the sea.

During the summer, Fish Restaurant and Lounge offers a casual outdoor dining experience. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail, a Bedouin Siwa dinner, or a more romantic private meal overlooking the Mediterranean.

Family Fun

It’s every little boy’s fantasy come true: a fort that has seen wartime action, protected its city and taken a few bullets. Majestic and white, set against the blue Mediterranean Sea, the 15th-century Fort Qaitbay occupies the narrow peninsula where the Pharos, a famous lighthouse, once stood. Today it is a naval museum that the entire family can explore, from its lookout towers to the unique collections of weapons that occupy the rooms.



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